Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Camouflage Sunglasses at Superflysunglasses.com - Sept. 30, 2014

Biggest seller this weekend at Volcano Days! Vertex Item# 56004CM. Camouflage sunglasses available with blue mirror, orange red mirror, charcoal and brown lenses. Sale Price $19.99 http://www.superflysunglasses.com/product/56004CM


Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Fitover Sunglasses at Superflysunglasses.com - Sept. 11, 2014

New Fitover Sunglasses at Superflysunglasses.com.  Fitover Sunglasses with mirrored lenses, including blue mirror, yellow mirror, orange mirror, and green mirrored sunglasses.  Rhinestone Fitover Sunglasses for the ladies!  Fitover Sunglasses with yellow lenses for night driving or driving in the rain.  Fitover sunglasses in goggles for motorcycle riders.  and the everyday normal fitover sunglasses available in charcoal and brown lenses.

At Superflysunglasses.com we strive to include product for all age groups, activities, and the newest items on the market.  We feel we have a wide selection of fitovers, something for everyone.  We have many different styles and sizes and many different color schemes available.  Come on over to Superflysunglasses.com and check it out!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Aviator Sunglasses with Mirrored Lenses - August 27, 2014

New Aviator Sunglasses with a wrap around nickel frame and charcoal mirror lens.  Very lightweight and comfortable with dark lenses.  Sale Price  $19.99  http://www.superflysunglasses.com/product/51012SLV


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Festival Time! Superflysunglasses.com will be on Location - Aug. 12, 2014

Superflysunglasses.com would like to remind everyone that festival season is beginning.  We will be out on location starting the weekend of August 15th through October 12th.  We will have sunglasses, sun readers, readers, safety glasses, riding goggles, motorcycle riding face masks, flydannas, balaclavas, neodannas, rock shirts, walking dead shirts, and socks.  Sunglasses on sale at all upcoming shows!  These shows will occur between WV and OH.  Our list is as follows:

Aug 15-17, 2014 -- Parkersburg Homecoming -- Downtown Parkersburg, National entertainment, land and water events, fireworks, carnival rides, arts and crafts, flea market, petting zoo and half marathon. Find us under the big purple tent!

Aug. 30- Sept. 1, 2014 -- Johnstown 2013 Swappers Day Flea Market -- 7357 Sportsman Club Road Johnstown, OH. Huge Fleamarket. 69th Anniversary/ 1944 thru 2013. Tons of Vendors and Food Concessions. We'll be under the big purple canopy! Come see us! Stunna Shades, Motorcycle Riding Sunglasses, Aviator Sunglasses, Womens Big Celebrity Sunglasses, Sport Shades, Motorcycle Headgear and so much more! 

 Sept. 12 - 13 , 2014 -- Gallipolis French 500 -- Huge Flea Market that takes place every second weekend of each month. Vegetables, local specialties, crafts, jewelry, pet supplies, apparel, fruits and so much more! Located at 189 Jackson Pike, Gallipolis OH.

September 20-21, 2014 -- Mothman Festival -- Celebrating their 11th Year!  The festival began in November 2002 with the idea of bringing visitors to the downtown, main street area of Point Pleasant, WV. The first festival drew a small crowd of 500 people but word quickly spread around the globe about this weird little gathering. Festival attendance now tops 4,000 people each year and is growing larger. The Mothman Festival is one of the most unique festivals in West Virginia, if not the world.  Visitors come each September to see the famous “Mothman Statue”, Mothman Museum, to meet original eyewitnesses, authors and Mothman experts. The festival boasts live and local music talent and some famous “down home” West Virginia hospitality that visitors just can’t find in a larger city.  Be sure to come check out our setup and get your Superfly Shades!!

September 26-28, 2014 -- Volcano Days -- Something for Everyone! Antique Engines, Pageants, Crafters, Vendors, Music, Food and SUPERFLYSUNGLASSES.COM! Volcano was a thriving oil boom town, along the border between Ritchie and Wood Counties that by 1874 had introduced the bath tub to Wood County! The memory of Volcano has been commemorated every year at Mountwood Park through the “Volcano Days” celebration, a fun-filled weekend melding the past and present.

Oct 3-5, 2014 -- Lowell October Fest -- Lowell OH. - Tons of vendors with various merchandise items and food. Many fall items for sale! If you have yet to attend the Lowell October Fest, give it a try this year. You will continue to come for many more years. Don't Miss IT!

October 10-12, 2014 -- Chillicothe, OH -- Ross County Fairgrounds.  Trader Days!  You can find just about anything here! Put on your walkin' shoes!   High quality merchandise, animals galore, and plenty of food!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Liquid Eyewear - The Gasket - New Colors Available! - July 22, 2014

Liquid Eyewear - The Gasket now available with a Red Frame and a Yellow Lens! Hingeless frame made to fit any face by simply adjusting the frame! Yellow Lenses are great night driving glasses and for driving in cloudy and/or rainy conditions.  Sale Price $134.99 


Friday, July 11, 2014

Liquid Eyewear Player Sunglasses - July 11, 2014

Liquid Eyewear Player Sunglasses now on Sale at Superflysunglasses.com!  The Player Sunglasses consist of an aluminum hingeless frame.  This hingeless frame is made so that it can be adjusted to fit any face, big or small.  The frame was specifically manufactured without standard hinges, allowing for the ultimate fit and quality. Thus creating a frame that will last you a lifetime, without losing fit.

Liquid Eyewear Player Sunglasses are top of the line eyewear.  Lenses can be purchases as the normal UV lens, polarized lenses, LTD Lenses, Hi-Def Lenses, etc.  Liquid Eyewear Polarized Sunglasses are best used on and around water and are great for driving or riding in the rain.  Best use, bright sunny days, driving, skydiving, motorcycle riding, tactical, combat, and casual wear.


Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Are you Light Sensitive? Need Super Dark Sunglasses? - July 2, 2014

Light sensitive, need super dark sunglasses?  We have what you need at Superflysunglasses.com.  You'll be happy to know that this is one of our biggest sellers because we offer exactly what light sensitive people need.  To clarify, if you are light sensitive, you need glasses that will block sunlight from all directions, not just the front.  If light is getting in on the sides and the top, STOP wearing those glasses and visit Superflysunglasses.com.  Our super dark sunglasses have large lenses and frames so that they cover more of your face around your eyes, not just your eyes.  This is to protect your eyes and the area around your eyes.  When you are light sensitive, the sun does not have to be directly shining in your eyes causing you to squint which results in a pounding headache.  If the light is even close to your eyes you can see it and it will cause you headaches.  This simple fact is the reason your need a large lens and frame.  You also need a wrap around frame.  A wrap around frame works best because the frame will wrap around your temples leaving no space for light to affect your eyes.  If you buy aviators or a wide wayfarer frame, there will be space between your temples and the frames, allowing light in, which results in headaches.  Last, but most importantly, you need wide stems.  If you buy super dark sunglasses because you are light sensitive, what good are super dark lenses if you have just a wire rimmed frame?  That skinny stem is not going to block light.  And you know the result of that, HEADACHES!  So when purchasing your super dark sunglasses, be sure to look for the following:

*   Large Lens
*   Large Frame
*   Wrap Around Frame
*   Wide Stems

If you need assistance in deciding what pair is best for you feel free to contact us at help@superflysunglasses.com.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Polar Specs at Superflysunglasses.com - June 27, 2014

Polar Specs Polarized Sunglasses now in stock at Superflysunglasses.com!  Polar Specs Sunglasses are offered in sporty wrap around frames, high quality nickel frames, casual frames, aviator frames, and wayfarer frames.

Polarized sunglasses are used for fishing, golfing, boating, jet skiing, rafting, snowboarding, driving in rainy conditions, etc.   Polarized lenses have a special coating that helps reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as the hood or windshield of an oncoming car during a thunder storm.  Polarized lenses make objects much clearer and reduce the effects of the glare on your eyes.

Check out our new category and get your Polar Specs Sunglasses today at Superflysunglasses.com!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tundra Sunglasses now Available at Superflysunglasses.com - June 10, 2014

Tundra Sunglasses are now available at Superflysunglasses.com. Tundra sunglasses are the sunglasses designed to take a beating!  Tundra sunglasses are constructed to be durable and heavy duty while still being incredibly comfortable for long-term wear.  IceTech Technology is used for the lenses to create a higher quality, protective lens to filter out UV rays. The smoke lenses on the Tundra sunglasses will have a mirror coating in the front and a Anti-Reflective coating on the back for extra protection!

These anti-reflective sunglasses are perfect for the active outdoorsmen aged 18-50 or anyone who is going out to the beach, hiking, skiing, boating, riding, hunting, etc.  Tundra sunglasses will not break the bank and they can take a beating. We capitalize on the sporty image of Tundra sunglasses with a universal style of black, white, silver, and blue colors for that sleek, edgy look. These are the go-to shades whenever you want to engage in active outdoor activities.


Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Why Polarized Sunglasses are a Must Have - June 3, 2014

Sunglasses are one of the most valuable assets to purchase when preparing for a road trip. Their importance is obvious, since they serve as protection for eyes while also providing clearer vision while driving. If you want to save yourself aggravation while driving for hours on a sunny day, as well as avoid squinting and therefore blurring your vision, then the proper eyewear is a must.

Although the primary use of sunglasses is self-explanatory (to provide shade), they also have a more technical use: sun glare. Sun glare is when direct sunlight, often suddenly unavoidable when turning around a corner or driving over hills, blinds motorists. This major hazard is a threat to the safety of both the driver, as well as other cars on the road. On summer road trips, when the days are hot and the passengers are likely otherwise distracted by friends and family, sun glare can be a dangerous cause of car accidents. Road trippers are also more likely to be driving at high-glare times, which peak during the first 15 to 45 minutes of sunrise and the last 45 minutes of sunset.

Worse yet, sun glare affects older people especially. According to a study conducted by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, older drivers are more likely to get involved in crashes if glare obstructs their vision. The study shows that 38.5 percent of drivers involved in crashes related to glare exposure were of “age 45 years and older.”

A spokesman for autoinsurance.us pointed out some shocking statistics on the number of accidents caused by sun glare, and said, “It is a great idea to keep an old, or cheap, pair of sunglasses in your car at all times to combat road glare. The dangers of sun glare are doubly true in the summer, especially when driving unfamiliar routes.”

Polarized Sunglasses are the best option to reduce sun glare, since they allow you to see more details from a reflective surface, be it water, field or road while also providing an anti-glare quality. Not only that, when the glasses are on, colors become sharper and images become clearer. These glasses can be very soothing when it comes to eyes that are sensitive to the sun.

Besides sun glare, sunglasses can also protect your eyes from other harmful conditions while on the road. UV protection is key, and a strong pair of sunglasses are integral when it comes to protecting your eyes from the sun’s radiation, which can cause cataracts and skin cancer around the eyes.

There are various types of sunglasses that have the right components to protect you from harm this summer. One option would be the Photochromic Sunglasses, also known as transitional glasses, which are an especially good option for a road trippers. Since their main feature is the lenses darkening in the sun and becoming lighter indoors or with less sunlight, changing light due to time of day and driving for hours on end won’t affect drivers on long trips. These glasses are commonly worn by motorcycle enthusiasts, but can be worn by anyone seeking to take on the road while the sun is blazing. These glasses are also ideal since the transitional aspect enables you to wear just one pair of glasses throughout the day, instead of constantly changing glasses or lenses.

Sunglasses are essential to a successful summer road trip. No matter what brand of sunglasses you prefer, sunglasses are a non-negotiable necessity on long drives. Since sunglasses are very cost effective (as opposed to accident repairs) and easy to carry, there’s no reason that they wouldn’t be one of the top items on your road trip checklist.  So checkout Superflysunglasses.com today for all your eyewear needs.  We have something for the whole family!